Meta Nebulas

How to SOCIALIZE AND EARN in Meta Nebulas

About Meta Nebulas

1. Select "Discover"

2. Click "DApp Browser"

​ or friend's invitation link

4. Select "I got it"

How to operate in Meta Nebulas

After connecting your wallet, click "Market". In the market, select the group level of the NFT you want (VIP/Common/Rare/Legendary/Epic) and look for the specific NFT that you want to purchase. NFT cards will be issued at 2:00 P.M and 9:00 P.M (GMT+8) every day until the issuance is complete.

How to buy NFTs at Meta Nebulas

1. Click "Purchase Authorization"

2. Click "Confirm"

3. Click "Buy"

How to claim mission in Meta Nebulas

Click on “Mission"
After you purchase the corresponding level NFT card, claim the corresponding level task.
*You must reserve at least 1 IONZ in your wallet to start your mission.

How to complete mission in Meta Nebulas

Click "Say Hello" to complete the task by sending a request from the player in the list.
*Only 30 requests can be sent a day.

1. Click on “Notice/Event"

2. Check if the player accepts or rejects your request.

3. Once the quest is completed (30/30), the quest reward will be displayed at the top and can be claimed.

*You can claim the reward as long as you have at least 50 SOLARIX in your wallet.