Meta Nebulas


Users can earn IONZ by gathering either in a group of 2, 5, or 8 for 1 hour.
Each gathering will end with a rating page.
  • Enter into our 2.0 DAPP
  • Create Social Room (3 choices – 2 players/5 players /8 players)
  • Invite your friend to start.
  • Player from distant (100m away) get to earn 10% of the total reward
  • Player within the distance of 100m get to earn 100% of the total reward
  • Player is not allowed to METASOCIAL-AND-EARN with the same player in the same week.
  • Create a room will consume one key
  • New player will get 2 keys per month for 12 months.
  • Keys can be purchase using SOLARIX
  • Each key cost 350 SOLARIX